Endurance Riding

TRF members have assisted for many years at these events and found it a fulfilling experience. The horse event Organisers obtain landholders’ permission for trail riders to ride in places we cannot usually enjoy - forestry tracks, bridleways, and private land. They aim to minimise hard surfaces, so we are able to ride on almost continuous off-tarmac, enjoying some breathtaking scenery on the way. At the same time we gain a public relations benefit and also a valuable donation to use mainly for rights of way research.

How we can help.
- Marking the route
- Report problems to Organisers
- Checking the route on ride day
- 'Sweep' the route to ensure all horse-riders clear
- Clear markers after the event.

Cross-Country Trials TRF members also have extensive experience at cross-country trials - where they circulate to collect scores from jump judges.

Getting Started Steve West is the DORSET TRF Horse Events
Co-ordinator and can give you more information. (tel 07831 229257)